Why We Use Cera Alba (Beeswax)

When looking for remedies to help solve a problem, nature can be such a useful resort. It’s hard to find products that don’t have too many fillers and byproducts. Well, when it comes to skin care of the ingredients Nature’s Baby uses is Cera Alba, also known as beeswax!

What Is Cera Alba?

Honey bees make honey combs for the nectar they collect from flowers. Beeswax acts as little walls within the honeycomb to help store the honey. When beekeepers collect the honey they have to remove the beeswax as well.

Beeswax has had many uses over the past several decades. In Egyptian times it was used during the mummification process. It also has been used to help protect painted walls, and even more so as an adhesive for building.

Why Is Beeswax Used In Skincare Products?

Beeswax (Cera Alba) helps create a think layer on your skin allowing your skin to retain its natural moisture. It also helps protect your skin against your environment. Sometimes other kinds of wax based products or instance, paraffin based products, petroleum jelly, are actually drying out your skin and clogging your pores. Beeswax doesn’t create any build up on your skin.

Added bonuses include acting as a healing agent. Beeswax has anti-bacterial affects and can help heal minor skin irritations.

That’s why Nature’s Baby is happy to include this ingredient in our products.


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