6 Skin Care Ingredients to Avoid In Baby Products

The skin is the largest organ in the body and acts as a barrier to protect us from the outside world. It's no surprise, then, that what we put on our skin can have a big impact on our health. A number of chemicals found in skin care products get absorbed by the skin and cause issues both internal and external!

Thus, when it comes to baby skin care, it's important to be aware of skin care ingredients in baby products that are known to be harsh. Baby skin is known to be delicate and is thinner than the skin of an adult! Choosing safe ingredients in baby skin care products is a task every parent or guardian has to deal with. 

So, what ingredients are bad for baby skin? Given below are six skin care ingredients that you should avoid in baby products. Always read the ingredients list before buying anything for your baby. Additionally, doing a patch test before trying out any new product on your baby's delicate skin is absolutely essential!

1. Parabens

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When it comes to baby skin care products, it is essential to avoid anything that contains parabens. Parabens are a type of preservative that can be found in many cosmetics and personal care items (like soaps and shampoos). While they are effective at preventing the growth of bacteria and increasing the longevity of products, they have also been linked to various health concerns. For example, some studies have shown that parabens can disrupt hormone production and regulation in the body.

As a result, it is best to avoid any items that contain parabens, especially when it comes to baby skin care products. There are plenty of paraben-free and effective alternatives on the market, so there is no need to take any risks.

2. Phthalates

Another group of chemicals to avoid are phthalates. Phthalates are often added to cosmetics and other personal care products in order to improve their performance or scent. They act as binding agents and increase the shelf life of products. However, they have been linked to a number of health concerns, including allergies, hormone disruption, obesity, and reproductive toxicity.

While more research is needed, it is best to err on the side of caution and choose baby skin care products that are free from phthalates.

It's also best to forego plastic toys and utensils (which often contain phthalates) in favor of wooden and glass/steel ones. Here's an article that explores ways you can make toys for your baby at home using safe materials. Don't take any unnecessary risks when it comes to your baby's health!

3. Fragrance

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You want your baby to smell clean and fresh, but stay away from baby products that use fragrances!

Many fragrances contain phthalates and petroleum as well as other potentially harmful chemicals that are also bad for the environment. Fragrances can be extremely irritating to delicate baby skin and increase the risk of allergic reactions. They might also cause flare-ups in babies that already have skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis and cause breathing problems in those who have asthma.

Additionally, a lot of manufacturers use the label 'fragrance' or 'perfume' to avoid mentioning in the ingredients list the various chemicals that have been added to the product.

So, look for baby products that are fragrance-free or have a natural fragrance due to their natural ingredients. These will be much gentler on your baby's skin and will still leave them smelling fresh and clean. 

4. Sulfates

Baby skin is delicate and sensitive, so it's important to choose skin care products that are sulfate-free.

Sulfates are surfactants that strip oils from the skin. They are used in shampoos, cleansers, and soaps as they are foaming agents that generate lather and allow dirt and oil to be washed away.

However, sulfates are extremely drying. They can thus cause allergic reactions, itching, and irritation and worsen skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis since they strip away the skin's natural oils.

Many baby skin care products, such as shampoos, lotions, and soap, contain sulfates. To avoid these harsh chemicals, look for products that are labeled "sulfate-free" or "SLS-free" (Note: SLS is sodium lauryl sulphate). 

You may also want to check the ingredient list to make sure that sulfates are not included. By choosing sulfate-free baby skin care products, you can help to keep your baby's skin healthy and free from irritation. 

5. TalcTalcum powder bottle against a lavender background. Baby talcum powder, talc, talc-free, asbestos, cancer.

Talc is a soft mineral that is often used in baby powder and other cosmetics. It absorbs moisture, making it a popular ingredient in many baby skin care products. So, is talc bad for babies?

Talc can sometimes be contaminated with asbestos, a natural fibrous mineral and known carcinogen. Asbestos exposure has been linked to various serious health concerns, particularly asbestosis and cancer of the lung, larynx, ovary, and stomach. Additionally, inhalation of talc can cause a number of issues in babies, such as lung infection; in extreme conditions, it can even lead to death.

While the risk of asbestos exposure from talc-containing cosmetics is low (since there are laws to regulate the quality of these products), it is still best to avoid products that contain talc. There are many safe and effective alternatives available, such as baby powders made from tapioca starch, so you can stay away from talc altogether and keep your baby safe and sound.

6. Alcohol

Many baby skin care products, such as lotions, sanitizers, and wipes, contain alcohol. It is a potent antimicrobial agent that kills bacteria and viruses. However, alcohol can also be extremely drying and irritating to the skin, particularly when it's as delicate as that of a baby. Alcohol is known to cause rashes, itching, and redness.

Additionally, alcohol can strip away the natural oils from the skin, leaving it vulnerable to further irritation and infection.

For these reasons, it is best to avoid baby skin care products that contain alcohol. There are many alcohol-free, gentle, and effective alternatives available that can help to keep your baby's delicate skin healthy, clean, and free from irritation.

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