Must Haves For Breastfeeding Moms

If you’re choosing to breastfeed your baby, I’m sure you’re reading up on all the basics. It’s important to educate yourself on what your body will be going through. There are a ton of tips to help you through the process. At Nature’s Baby we put together a list of everything you should know.

We’d like to follow up with a list of tangible items that might help you through the process.  Check out these amazing must haves for breastfeeding moms.

Nursing Cami

Find yourself a comfortable nursing cami, like the ones from Mike Nursing Wear. It’s important to be comfortable and be able to nurse your baby on demand. Also, it’s important to be able to wear normal clothes when you feel like it and feel like you’re out of your PJs. Nursing cami’s can go under most clothing like a cute top, sweater, PJ top, or just plain Jane!

Nursing Bra

After the baby is born your body is going to be going through a lot. You’ll need to adjust to breastfeeding a new baby and how your body is going to respond. You’re going to experience sore nipples, leaking breasts, and the almost unbelievable size of your new breasts.

Do yourself a favor and invest in a good nursing bra. You’ll need the extra supper and there’s nothing worse then trying to nurse a new baby while stuffing your boobs into a way too small bra.

The convenience will win you over. You and baby will have easy access. Some nursing bras even help prevent leaking breasts and soaked clothing. You’ll want to add this to your must have list!

Nature’s Baby Silky Dusting Powder

This might seem a tad unusual. Our silky dusting powder won’t help your milk come in. BUT we do have a ton of great uses for moms. Need a little dry shampoo because you didn’t have time to wash your hair because you were up all night with your newborn, we got you! Did you finally get around to shaving your legs but forget to change the razor? No problem, our powder will help lock in moisture to prevent razor burn. Plus, it’s great for baby too! Check out a list of ways mom can use our powder.

Bobby Pillow

You’ve just spent 9 months with a tiny human in side of you. Your body is probably more then sore and tired. A bobby pillow will really help you to position baby so you don’t have to bend over to nurse. Since baby wants to eat so frequently, the pillow will really come in handy to help position baby and help to support your back.

Nursing Cover

This is an optional choice. It’s important to know that you have the right to nurse your baby in public without a nursing cover. However, if you’d feel more comfortable to have one on hand they can certainly be helpful. Nursing covers allow for baby to eat comfortably with a soft shield from your surroundings. There’s an opening at the top to allow for air to come in for baby.

Mother’s Milk Tea

It’s nice to have things to hand to help keep you milk supply up. As baby’s feeding schedule will surely change over the fist few months, your milk supply might as well. One thing you can keep on hand is Mother’s Milk Tea. Most grocery stores will carry it. It’s an herbal teal that has everything your body needs to help maintain a healthy milk supply and give it a little boost if needed.

Lansinoh TheraPearl 3-in-1 Breast Therapy

This product can really come in handy. If baby is sleeping through the night, yay for you but not for your breasts. You might start to feel a little engorged since you’re nursing less frequently. These breast therapy pads can be used warm or cold to give your breasts the relief they need. You can stock up on these babies and save them for later. These will come in handy when you decided to wean baby also.

Treat Yourself

Breastfeeding isn’t always easy. The first few months might catch you off guard. We hope some of the items on our list will help you to prepare for what’s to come. Don’t forget an important product…something to treat yourself. Give yourself some credit. Make sure you indulge and get something for yourself, even if it’s a giant cup of your favorite coffee. You’re doing a great job mama!


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