Newborn Baby Sleep: 7 Common Mistakes New Parents Make

Apart from feeding and hygiene, sleep is extremely important for your newborn. While most parenting is instinctive, getting your baby to have a solid sleep is not something that you know automatically. Many new parents have a harrowing experience while ensuring their little one gets its quota of sleep.

It is necessary to instill solid sleep habits at the outset. This will give your newborn a good sleep and keep it healthy and happy. A happy baby makes for a happy and stress-free home. The following section will dwell on some common mistakes new parents make.

  1. Nursing or rocking the baby to sleep

Nursing or rocking is one of the most effective ways to get your baby to sleep. But in the long run, it is counterproductive. The baby will get accustomed to it and will cry when it wakes up in the night. It will go back to sleep only when one of the parents hold it.

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends putting to put your baby in the crib when it starts getting drowsy. It will learn to sleep by itself.

  1. Responding to your baby’s crying too early

It is natural for new parents to rush to the crib as soon as they hear the little one crying. In most cases, it is recommended to wait. Often newborns will learn to comfort themselves and fall back asleep. If your baby gets used to your intervention every time, you’ll end up with a fussy child who needs to be comforted every time it wakes up.

  1. Turning the light on or off at the night

A soft night light is useful to have in the dark nursery at night as it’ll help you navigate to the baby. It is advisable to keep a soft night light on every time in the night. Turning it off and on to check on your infant is a bad idea. It will interrupt the baby’s sleep and make it cantankerous.

  1. Unrealistic sleep expectation

New parents often get worried if their baby doesn’t sleep through the night. While it’s great to have a baby sleep through the night, many pediatricians feel that it is an unrealistic expectation. Your little one needs to fall into a healthy sleep pattern. By around six months, most babies sleep at least the majority of the night.

  1. An inconsistent bedtime routine

The bedtime routine must be predictable. If you do a new thing every time before your baby’s sleep, it’ll throw off its usual sleep pattern and not sleep through the night. Do the same things before bedtime every day. It could be a bath, putting on the nightdress, feeding, and a bedtime story. As your little one gets used to the daily bedtime routine, it’ll sleep more easily and develop a healthy sleep cycle.

  1. Letting your baby sleep anywhere

Many new parents often put their baby to sleep any place they feel sleepy. It could be the couch, car, or a stroller. Your baby must get associate sleep with a crib. While traveling it is recommended to buy a travel crib like the Graco Pack 'n Play. While at home, always put your baby in a crib when it’s feeling drowsy. Soon your infant will associate sleep time with the crib and will throw minimum tantrums.

  1. Letting your baby sleep a lot during the daytime

It is natural for your baby to catch up on some sleep during the day. While it is healthy if it is for an hour or two, it becomes an issue if it has extended sleep during the day. You’ll find it extremely difficult to put it to sleep during the night. A regular sleep routine is important for your baby to have a restful sleep in the night.

Some parting words

Sleep is extremely essential for your baby’s health. A bad sleep routine will make your child fussy and affect its immunity. Moreover, it is stressful for new parents. A crying baby may seek parental attention. If your child doesn’t sleep well despite all your care, it is recommended that you seek the help of a doctor.

Ensure that the nursery area is noise-free and soothing to your toddler. Establish a steady routine with your child early. When you are with your child, ensure that you give it your full attention. Quality time with your toddler establishes a lifelong bond. Experience the joy of parenting with a happy and healthy baby.





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