Our Silky Baby Powder Works For You Too!

Did you know that there are so many uses of the powder that you buy for your little ones? Indeed, the Nature's Baby Organic Silky Baby Powder (Fragrance Free) has several fantastic uses beyond simply caring for your baby's skin. 

Here are a few ways you can use our Silky Baby Dusting Powder: 

  • Dry Shampoo – Shake some powder in your hair at night for a wonderful oil absorbing outcome!
  • Makeup Primer – A thin layer of our Fragrance Free Powder under your foundation works just as well as the store bought liquid versions, but it is Organic so better for your skin.
  • Make Your Eyelashes POP!  After one application of mascara, and a small amount of powder over, and complete with a final layer of mascara.  They will look longer and fuller instantly.
  • Eyebrows Too! Just a bit of powder will cling to your existing follicles and create a fuller look.
  • Long Lasting Lipstick Color – Apply a coat of your favorite lipstick, then cover your mouth with a tissue and apply a layer of powder.  Finish it up with one last coat of lipstick and shine all day or night!
  • Easier Waxing – Before applying or getting waxed, sprinkle the powder in the area and it will help keep the wax from adhering to your skin as much.  The hair will still stand through, but it won’t hurt quite so much!
  • After Shave – Powder will help keep your moisture locked in and help to prevent razor burn instead of greasy moisturizers and lotions.
  • Nicks & Cuts – Baby Powder can help clot small scrapes you may have gotten in the shaving process, or any other minor cut.
  • Chafing – Do you ever not wear a skirt because your thighs will end up feeling like they are burning?  Use powder before heading out the door for a friction-free outing.
  • No More Blisters – You can use it in a similar way to help prevent your shoes from rubbing against your skin and creating blisters.
  • Stinky Shoes – Ever despise that stinky after workout shoe?  Toss some powder inside your shoes and on your socks before heading to the gym.
  • Cool Bed Sheets – In the Summer, when the weather gets hot again, sprinkle some Powder between your sheets to help you stay cool.
Do you have any other great uses for our powder?  Please share them in the comments below.
♥ ~ Nature’s Baby

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