Safe Product Scenting

Did you know that we work very closely with an aroma therapist that has over 25 years of experience with essential oils and natural body care?  She specializes in adults and babies with sensitive skin and she is also an incredible formulator.

All of our products have been screened and adjusted by our aroma therapist professional to ensure their safety. However, we do not recommend our Ah-Choo! Chest Rub to be used for children under 6 months, due to the medicinal strength of its essential oils.

We also formulated several Fragrance Free products.  Again this decision was made with each product’s purpose and use.  Our lotion was formulated to reduce skin irritation and sensitivity. Our Diaper Ointment is Fragrance Free because essential oils can often worsen irritated and/or damaged skin and are inappropriate for tender bottoms.

Our aroma therapist helped us choose the appropriate essential oils (only very few are suitable for infants) that are considered safe.

♥ ~ Nature’s Baby

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