4 Tips for an Eco-Friendly Halloween with Your Kids

It's that time of year again! Halloween is just around the corner, and kids everywhere are getting excited to dress up and go trick or treating. This year, why not try to make your Halloween eco-friendly? There are many ways to celebrate Halloween without damaging the environment. Here are 4 tips to get you started!

1. Shop second-hand for costumes or make your own.

Mother and daughter wearing second hand halloween costumes purchased from a thrift store with alterations made.

Instead of buying new costumes that will only be worn once and then thrown away, try shopping at thrift stores or consignment shops. You can find some great Halloween costumes without creating any waste — just make sure they are in good condition and clean them thoroughly before letting your kid wear them.

You can also consider swapping costumes with friends (that have kids of their own) to get even more use out of them. If you have elementary sewing skills (or even some skill with a glue gun), you can make the costumes fit your child perfectly by doing alterations. In fact, if you can sew, you can also make your own costumes from scratch for them.

Plus, see if you can repurpose your kids' old clothes and toys into new costumes and props. Do they have an old red bib lying around? It can be turned into a cute beak, horns, or a cape in no time. Is there an old blanket that your kid doesn't use anymore? It can be turned into a ghost costume, a Dracula robe, or a set of wings (with some boning). Just use your imagination and let your kid chime in as well. Also, make use of the power of makeup and face paints! 

An eco-friendly Halloween will also be a teaching moment for your little one — when they watch you being an eco-friendly parent, they'll learn that it's important to recycle and reuse items whenever possible. Don't worry, your kid won't have to sacrifice style for sustainability!

2. Make your own Halloween decorations.

Skip the store-bought plastic Halloween decorations and opt for eco-friendly alternatives instead. Try making your own decorations using recycled materials and involve your kid in the process. You can turn old magazines into streamers, for example, or paint old cardboard boxes to make ghosts and bats.

Get creative with recycled materials — old newspapers, egg cartons, and yogurt containers can be turned into spooky ghosts or jack-o-lanterns. You will also find LED pumpkin lights, solar-powered lawn decorations, and even eco-friendly spiderwebs that are made from recycled materials!

3. Skip the candy wrappers and plastic bags.

A child holding plastic free and wrapper less Halloween candy on a table. Donuts, pumpkins, cookies, marshmallows, and toffees visible.

Most Halloween candy comes wrapped in plastic, which is bad for the environment. If you're handing out candy this year, try to find eco-friendly options that are either unwrapped or wrapped in paper.

Also, when you're giving out candy to the children who come trick or treating, try to avoid using plastic bags — use brightly painted pillowcases (you can make them look like ghosts!), eco-friendly reusable shopping bags (made of paper or cotton or jute), or colorful buckets painted to look like pumpkins or bats (that can be reused next year). Your kid too can use these eco-friendly containers to collect candy! If you're worried that wrapperless candy will stick to the cloth and paper bags, then go for the bucket. 

Check out your local candy shops — they are bound to have loose candy and you'll be supporting a small business in the process! You can also make your own candy at home using simple ingredients and wrap them in paper before giving them out to kids. There are many recipes online for eco-friendly Halloween candy, so take a look and see what you can find!

4. Reduce your carbon footprint in different ways.

One of the best ways to make your Halloween eco-friendly is to reduce your carbon footprint. If you're taking your child trick or treating, try to walk or bike with them instead of driving them around. You can also have a Halloween party for your kid at home instead of taking them to a haunted house or any other event that requires travel.

With just a few simple changes, you can have an eco-friendly Halloween that's fun for the whole family! Give these tips a try this year and see how easy they can be. Plus, don't forget to reduce, reuse, and recycle your Halloween decor. After Halloween is over, don't just throw away your decorations. See if you can recycle them or reuse them for next year!

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