A Complete Guide for First Time Parents — Here’s What You Need to Know

Bringing a child into the world is both a miracle and huge responsibility on the parents. From feeding them to using organic baby products, it requires proper research and diligence.

First-time parents usually struggle with their new roles in the initial days. However, it’s normal and nothing to worry about. Once you get the hang of the parenting basics, you won’t realize how quickly the time passed and how fast your baby grew up.

As first-time parents, it is essential to be resilient and flexible in all circumstances. If you are a first-time parent, follow this guide to excel in your role and maintain your sanity.

An infant sleeping in their cot

Ask For Help

It is okay to ask for help if it gets overwhelming. Initially, the hospital nurses can show you how to hold, burp and care for the baby. Some hospitals also have lactation experts who can guide you on the feeding method to make the correct decision for you and your little one.

In some cases, relatives and neighbors are also eager to help. You can take their help if you’re comfortable. Else, you can contact a home health agency to hire reliable in-home help. Sharing your responsibilities with your spouse and having a house help allows you to take a breather and overcome postpartum depression.

Handling The Baby

As you must be aware, babies are sensitive tiny humans with weak immunity. Therefore, always wash your hand before holding them to avoid the risk of infections. Avoid touching their face often and ensure that other people aren’t doing the same. Though it may be uncomfortable, it is essential to have strict rules for your baby’s health. While carrying your baby, cradle them to support their head and neck.

Also, remember that your newborn isn’t ready for rough play. Hence, hold them gently and avoid shaking them during play or frustration. It can be fatal for their health.


Swaddling is a great technique that promotes an infant’s peaceful night’s sleep. It holds both arms close to each other while allowing minimal leg movement. When done correctly, swaddling resembles a mother’s womb that gives infants a sense of comfort and security.

However, avoid swaddling after 2 months since the baby can roll over and risk injuries.


Get ready to change diapers 5-7 times a day. While changing a diaper, keep things handy like diapers, diaper ointments, washcloths, or diaper wipes. Infants may develop diaper rash due to sensitive skin or poopy diapers. Make sure to clean the genitals properly with a washcloth or diaper wipes. Apply the diaper ointment on the rashes to heal them. Usually, warm baths and diaper creams are effective for healing diaper rash.

An infant enjoying a massage

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