Back to School Tips and Tricks

Summer gives most of us a well needed break. Even if you’re a fulltime working parent, there’s something about a warm day, sun shine and longer days that’s just less stressful. Once August rolls around, your days are limited until back to school starts and the craziness begins.

Even for the younger kiddos, the schedules might not be as jam packed but there’s still on prep that needs to be done. Here are some tips and tricks to get you a head of the game.


Don’t be waiting until the day before school starts to squeeze in a hair cut for your child. It’ll only be super packed and extra stressful for you. Schedule the appointment in advance and put it in your calendar.

Back To School Clothes

It can be overwhelming to buy a ton of clothes at once. In September the weather is typically still warm. Take advantage of summer clearance sales to stock up on t-shits and shorts for the beginning of the year.

Be on the look out for coupons and back to school sales this month. Start picking things up little by little so it doesn’t feel like your just throwing money at Target in just one trip (we sometimes do that too often anyway).

Pack The Back Pack Ahead Of Time

For our kiddos who are just starting out in school, it’s often required to have an extra pair of schools in their back pack in case of an emergency. Don’t wait too long and then forget to do it all together. Preschools usually want the kids in play clothes attire anyway. Grab extra shorts, pants and a shirt to keep in the back pack now.

Meal Prepping

Back to school can be chaos. Do yourself a favor and do some meal prepping. If the kids take time to adjust to waking up a little earlier, breakfast might seem rushed. Have some things ready so they can eat on their way to school if needed. 

  • Frozen waffles
  • Bagels
  • Egg sandwiches
  • Fruit

Make some adjustments in your fridge so the kids can come home and have a snack that they can get on their own. Things like yogurt, cut up fruit or veggies, cheese, turkey.

You can even set up a “snack drawer” in your cabinet. Keep snack size (or make your own snack baggies) of things like nuts, Kids RX bars, crackers, raisins, etc.

Make some dinners ahead of time and freeze them for your fist week: 

  • Lasagna
  • Taco meat
  • Vegetable casserole
  • Chicken Soup

Don’t Forget The Sentimentals

Do you take a photo of your child every year? Make sure you have the sign all ready! If you have a beginning of the school year tradition, prep it now. Breakfast with the family, neighborhood photo, sibling pics. Be sure to have a plan in place so you’re not scrambling last minute.

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