Holiday Gifts for New Moms!

The holidays are a joyful time of year. When a new baby is soon to be expected or arrives around the holidays, surely there is no better gift. BUT to help the new parents adjust to this during this time, we’ve rounded up a list of holiday gifts they will be thankful for.

If you or someone you know is soon expecting a baby or if you’re a new mama, check out some of these holiday gifts to help spread some holiday cheer during this very special time.

Holiday Gifts For New Moms And Moms To Be

Lounge Wear

A new mama will be doing some well earned lounging after baby is born. What better way to do so then in some new cozy, comfy, lounge wear? After birth mom won’t want to wear anything to snug as her normal clothes still might not fit comfortably, and if a C-section was performed she will have a sensitive area on her belly. Nothing rubbing or too tight will be comfortable.

Check out these lounge wear options to make sure the new mama is comfy in style >>

Push Through Box

New moms need more TLC. These gift box sets come with some fun products to help pamper mom. Lotions, creams, face masks and more! It also comes with some mental health tips from a professional postpartum counselor. Being a new mom can come with some new anxiety and stressors. This is the perfect gift to help keep mom rock steady.

Check out the gifting options here >>

Holiday Spirit

Some new moms waited 9 long months to enjoy a sip of wine. Do something fun and set her up with a wine sampler. Something she can enjoy little by little, plus it makes it fun.

Custom wine labels also makes a great gift! With the endless milestones parents go through, get a label made for each one and customize a bottle (or a few) for her!

Check out new mommy wine labels here >>

Nature’s Baby Organics

Set mama up with all the bath time essentials she’ll need, with the piece of mind that it’s GOOD for baby’s skin.

We have a variety of baby washes that’s perfect for the sensitivity of a new baby’s skin.

An added bonus, we have a lot of products that mom can use too!

Check out all of our best sellers here >>

Refresh The Face

New moms might always feel like they are in a sleepy daze. With a lack of sleep and endless hours attending to a new baby, who wouldn’t feel that way!

Try gifting a ESARORA Ice Roller! This is small, inexpensive, but extremely practical gift. The roller is designed to help with face & eye, puffiness, migraine, and pain relief. The perfect way for mom to take a few minutes and refresh.

It makes the perfect stocking stuffer. Check it out here>>

New Mama Journal

New moms often want to document their experience as a new mom and capture all the new experiences of baby. Often times the busy schedule takes over and there lies an empty baby book.

This journal for mothers is perfect. It’s a record keeper that lets mom jot down just one sentence. It’s not time consuming and still allows for mom to capture her feelings throughout this precious time.

Check out the journal here >>

The Gift of Food

A new mom has a ton on her mind and cooking dinner shouldn’t be one of them. The perfect holiday gift for a new mom is food! Gift cards to restaurants are the perfect way to let mom eat her way through the holiday season without having to worry about a mountain of dirty dishes.

Want to go a step further? Make food in advance and help mom stock her freezer with ready made meals! She will be forever grateful.


New moms often struggle to find the time to even shower! Days might go by without a good shampoo and conditioning of hair. She won’t care as long as her hair is up and out of her face! The perfect gift for moms with long hair? Headbands.

There are some many cute head wraps, check out a few of these to help mom feel stylish on the days she needs it the most.


Mama might have had a pregnancy pillow but just because the baby came, doesn’t mean mama doesn’t need extra support. The Knee Pillow for Side Sleepers is great to help with knee, hip, and back pain.

Childbirth is exhausting for the body. Use the pillow to help your body realign and gain support, strength, and most of all a better sleep.

Check it out here >>

What Moms Really Want For The Holidays

Surrounded by love, family, friends and her new baby, I’m sure the new mama in your life is entirely thankful this holiday season, but these added gifts are the perfect way to show her that you care!



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