Realistic Ways to Manage Working Remotely While Caring for Young Children

More than 40% of employees were working remotely in 2020. Working remotely with young children may seem impossible. Unlike older children, babies and toddlers require constant supervision and care. As a result, the workday can feel like a multitasking Olympic event. However, there are realistic ways you can manage working from home while caring for young children. For the latter, shop at Nature’s Baby for safe and child-friendly products!

Create a Realistic Schedule 

Even when working from home, creating a realistic schedule is essential. Pencil in time to work and do your best to stick by it. Avoid cleaning your home or running errands during this time whenever possible. The only reason to stop working is to tend to your children's needs.

You may consider waking a little earlier or staying up a little later than your children to get work done. Even waking up an hour earlier to check emails and plan your day can help immensely. It also allows you to drink your coffee or tea in peace. Nap times are also an excellent time to get work done. Toddlers need a one- to three-hour nap each afternoon, which allows for a decent chunk of work to be finished.

For the rest of your workday, consider when your toddler or baby is most content. Some babies are happiest in the mornings, while others are most content at night. Don't try to work when your child is likely to be cranky, such as before their afternoon nap.

Remember Self-Care 

Self-care is essential to your physical and mental health. It's also more than ensuring you brush your teeth, get a shower, and eat each day. Self-care means investing time in something you can do for yourself each day that makes you happy. For some, this may mean carving out an hour each day to play video games. For others, it means reading a book or taking a long bath at the end of a hard day. If you have to, incorporate time for self-care into your daily schedule. By doing so, you'll end up being more productive and less exhausted as you balance working from home with caring for young children.

Consider Earning a New Degree 

An astonishing 40% of workers in one survey said they found their job extremely stressful. A quarter of those participants said work was the leading cause of stress in their lives. If you aren't happy with your current job, now may be the time for a change. Consider earning a degree online to help facilitate this.

Some degrees allow you to work at your own pace, letting you keep your regular job and care for your kids while going to school. Earning an online degree can help develop your business acumen, whether your program of choice is in business management, management and leadership, or marketing.

Working Remotely With Young Children Is Possible

While it's true working remotely while caring for young children is difficult, it's far from impossible. Creating a realistic work schedule and practicing self-care can help make the task more manageable.

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