Spring Cleaning - Fun Ways to Get the Kids Involved!

Spring is almost here! As some of us have been cooped up most of the winter, daylight savings has extended our days making them longer and brighter. Now is a good time to crack the windows and start cleaning and organizing your home in time for the change of season.

Having kids doesn’t always allow for the time needed to get some of the chores done. We encourage you to get the kids involved. Yep, that’s right! Even the little ones can help out with the house work. This is a great way to teach kids about responsibility and organization.

How on earth do you get your kids to give you the time you need to clean, let alone get them involved in the actual cleaning?

No worries! We’ve got some fun ways you can get the kids involved in spring cleaning.

They Needs To Look The Part

Kids love to have their own stuff. If you want them to be excited to help clean, set them up with a cleaning caddy. You can set them up with their own cleaning gloves, apron, all natural cleaners and some micro fiber cleaning clothes.

This is a great way for the child to feel like they have an important job with all the “tools” like mommy has.

Make It A Dance Party

Turn up the tunes and make it a dance party. Everyone seems to be more inspired when there’s music playing. The little ones will get a kick out of it too. Dancing around the house while washing the windows will surely get a lot of laughs and certainly help burn some energy. 

Create A Game

You can easily make a game out of certain tasks. Set a timer and see how many toys your little ones can pick up in that set amount of time! For older kids you can encourage them to beat their time as you move around the house. In every room see how fast they can complete the task. You can even use music to set the speed of the chores.

Matching Game

For our youngsters matching is an essential development milestone. Putting things is tubs or boxes is a great way to stay organized. Let your little one help by placing similar items into each designated box. This can even work when cleaning our drawers. It’s often convenient to change out your clothes by season. Your child can help place all winter clothing and accessories like hats and scarves, sweaters and socks into the appropriate drawer or tub.

Teaching A Lesson

It’s never too early to teach your child about kindness. If you’re cleaning out the garage or basement, collect items you no longer need but are in working condition. If you have a bag of clothes that no longer fit but are still in good shape, consider donating these items. Explain to your child that you’re passing them along to someone else who may really need these items.

Reward The Behavior

Being a big helper is a BIG deal. Your child will feel accomplished and proud by completing the tasks. Reward the good behavior with a special snack, meal, or something for their piggy bank.

Spring Cleaning Tasks

With kids it’s impossible to get everything done at one time. Someone usually ends up having a melt down, has a play date or soccer practice. The list goes on and on. Take things one day at a time and make it as fun as you can for your little ones. It’s a nice activity to do as a family that contributes to the household.

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