Top 5 Baby Sunscreens for Summer

The ongoing sunscreen debate is a big one especially for the little ones. Parents are concerned about what they can do to help protect their kids from getting sunburn.
Although sun protection is important all year long, the summer months are typically when families spend the most time outdoors and in the sun.
It’s been determined that children should use safe sunscreens that don’t contain any chemicals or hormone disrupters, but when you’re shopping the shelves at your local store or browsing Amazon for the best deals, how do you know which ones are the safest and will do the job!
Don’t worry moms, we’ve got your back! We did the research and here’s our list of the top 5 baby sunscreens for summer.

Baby Sunscreens To Get You Through The Rest Of Summer

Although using some mineral based sunscreens sounds like you’re applying the best and safest sunscreen, that’s not always the case. It’s important to read the list of ingredients in the sunscreen you’re using. Zinc oxide should be an active ingredient you’re looking for. Zinc oxide is a completely safe and chemical free ingredient that protects skin from UVA and UVB rays from the sun.

Safest Sunscreens For Baby

Blue Lizard

If you’re baby has sensitive skin, then you might want to check out Blue Lizard Australian Sunscreen. Dermatologists recommend this safe formula for babies and infants because it’s not harsh and if applied correctly there’s a white residue but that’s normal.
An awesome feature this brand has is that the bottle turns purple when its in the presence of harmful UVB rays, to remind you to reapply your little ones up with sunblock.
Be sure to reapply sunscreen if kids are in the pool, sprinkler, or water play because this sunscreen isn’t water proof.

Cerave Baby Sunscreen

Another highly recommended sunscreen is the Cerave Baby Sunscreen. It fully deflects the sun’s harmful rays and is free of of parabens and sulfates.

California Baby

One of the highest rated on the EWG's annual list, due to its 12 percent titanium dioxide formula, it doesn’t contain any zinc. This is great for kids that have a zinc allergy.

Aveeno Baby

Aveeno baby is a mineral based sunscreen that uses both zinc oxide and titanium dioxide to block the sun's rays. It’s made with soothing oatmeal to help lock in the skin’s moisture keeping it hydrated.
It’s fragrance free which is great for children with sensitive skin. This sunscreen will keep kids protected while they enjoy water play because it’s water resistant, but be sure to reapply when kids dry off.

Badger Baby’s Natural Organic Sunscreen

One of the highest rated all natural sunscreens. It’s made from a base of base of sunflower oil and beeswax. Because it’s an all natural sunblock it is a bit more oily compared to others, but it does give full coverage and is water resistant.

Always Read Sunscreen Labels

It’s a good idea to read the sunscreen labels before purchasing. Make sure you know which ingredients are in them and what’s best for your child. If your child has sensitive skin or an allergy be sure you make sure you buy a sunscreen that’s safe for you and your family.
Always be sure to read how to apply the sunscreen and the hours of protection it has so you know when you need to reapply.
All in all, sunscreen is a very important part of summer and we want to make sure you and you’re little ones are prepared. 

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