“I am so impressed with everything about your company. Your customer service was amazing, your shipping was lightning fast & the products are amazing!”

- Marsha

“I want to tell you that since using your hair products, my psoriasis has GONE! I cant believe it. I never had psoriasis until I came to USA 2 years ago, and can only attribute it to the chemicals in the products here. My husband, who is VERY particular, now also uses your hair products. We can’t believe how soft our hair now is. I actually think mine is growing more now too. I also started to use your shampoo/body wash all over, and my skin is smoother and no longer dried out and my complexion is back to how it used to be.”

- Jean M

“After years of not finding anything gentle enough for my sons sensitivities to chemicals, Nature’s Baby Organics has done it. Thank you!”

- Laura H.

“Simply Thank you !!!! A Harvard dermatologist researcher once told me not to waste money on expensive brand name products. I did not believe him because products do make a huge difference. I started using your shampoo and conditioner over a year ago, after trying almost every professional product on the shelves and the department stores. Doubtfully, I tried your Body Moisturizer and Body Oil, I must say I was surprised. I have a type of facial skin the after 2 months I use a product it does work the same any more and starts reacting. For the past 8 months I have been using the mixture of your Face & Body Lotion and few drops of your Organic Baby Oil, as a facial moisturizer and make up remover and it has been magic. I did not breakout, have no signs of blackheads on my facial T-Zone and I did not have to switch products. My friend has recommended your other products and I have just started your lip balm/Organic Soothing Stick☺ (believe it or not as my eye cream☺) has been a pleasure. I have given out your products as a gift for baby showers and holiday gifts and my friends now are your regular customers. Love your new packaging.”

- Mona S

“I really love your products!!!! I purchased the bag set first, and loved everything in it. So, I’ve also added the dusting powder and the calming spray to my collection. Although I really enjoy all the products my two favorites are the lotion and the dusting powder. The lotion smells so wonderful, soft and sweet, and actually works! Another brand of baby lotion I tried smelled funny and was like pure water! It did not work well at all and I hated the way it felt on my hands. Yours is SO much better. I use it myself sometimes too! I really like the fact I can use it on her face since she sometimes gets very dry, especially living in Colorado, which has very, very little humidity and most people get frequent dry skin problems here! The dusting powder smells so wonderful! I love the way it feels and it’s great after changing a super wet diaper to really give her skin that nice silky feel. She seems to like it too, as she smiles when I use it.”

- Amber H.

“Nature’s Baby Organics are the best products I have ever tried for me and my baby! My daughter is every sensitive and cries when I give her a bath with Johnson and Johnson products. I received a sample of Nature’s Baby Organics baby products and it was the first time she didn’t cry when the soap got in her eyes and she didn’t get the little red rash with bumps. I was sooo happy. It really is the best baby products to date! Then one day I ran out of my shampoo and reached for Nature’s Baby Organics shampoo that was my 3 month old daughters and I used it and I was amazed how beautiful my hair looked. I will never go back….thank you Nature’s Baby Organics. You have changed our lives!!!!”

- Ashley M.

“I have had the WORST skin my whole life. I just got told by my natural doctor that I have Psoriasis but that I have the most sensitive body and am allergic to many products. I was at Costco and saw your gift pack. I had my phone which has internet on it and I checked your rating on cosmeticsdatabase.com The oil and lotions came up as a 0 or a 1 (0 being the best, 10 being the worst for you). Hardly any product these days are that low of ratings. I bought it and my skin has gotten so much better. Its such a soft Lotion, and does not feel like its harming you. I also starting using the diaper cream on really intense spots and it works awesome!! With the help of my doctor I am getting better internally and this lotion has really help with my outside dry skin. It made my situation so much less painful. Thank you. WHAT A GREAT PRODUCT LINE!!”

- Christine H.

“I am a green baby product reviewer and when a friend asked me to review your products I didn’t realize that it would change our lives! I have tested other organic baby products and nothing compares to yours. My children actually seem happier now that we have switched to your line of skin care. Aside from the obvious wonderful scent and clean ingredients, I have seen such a tremendous difference in their skin and allergies. Both children have been ordered to take an antihistamine everyday, after using your product for the first two weeks I noticed that they were having allergic reactions less and less. I scheduled an appointment with our family Dr. and he was just as excited. He told me not to switch! This thrills me. We are now down to medicine as needed! Thank you for helping me make my children’s lives a little bit easier! Customer for life!”

- Christina G.

“My son has suffered from eczema for the 2 1/2 years of his life. Some nights he would wake up crying because his little legs were itching so bad. For the past 6 months he has been on a steroid to help but it hasn’t helped much, probably due to the fact that I hate putting it on him because it does have the risk of stunting his growth. Anyways…. my girlfriend told me about your product and had a sample bottle. In a 24 hour period and after applying the moisturizer 4 times his skin was looking so much better and not irritating him anymore. My mom also had a dry skin problem on her finger that was so severe that she could hardly bend her finger. After applying the moisturizer two times in an hour time she could bend her finger and said it was feeling the best it had in months! I LOVE YOUR PRODUCT!!!”

- Camille T.

“We love your Lavender Chamomile Shampoo and Conditioner for our four year old daughter. I discovered your products two years ago at our nearby Organic Market. Prior to discovering your products, I was using the typical supermarket brands, but they were not working well on my daughter’s hair at all. Thankfully I came across your brand – thank you for producing such healthy and fantastic products!!!”

- Litsa K.

“These products are just WONDERFUL!! I used the Soothing Stick on my knees, which I have NEVER been able to keep from cracking and bleeding no matter what I put on. Absolutely SHOCKING!! I dragged my husband over and showed him how quickly my knees when from “eww” to “oh!”. I know I’ll be getting that for me, no doubt about it!! I’m surprised how quickly the baby oil is absorbed. I’m so used to other “baby oil” staying greasy and sticky. This is DIVINE!!”

- LyAna A.

“Your body lotion is by far the most moisturizing lotion that I have ever used.”

- Joanne H.

“It’s fantastic, and I love not pouring extra chemicals onto my body.”

- Lorrie L.

“This product is no less than phenomenal!”

- Anita C.

“I love the way it detangles my hair and makes it so silky!”

- Cathy B.

“It is the ONLY thing I have found that doesn’t sting her eyes.”

- Heather N.