24 Random Ways to Use the Nature's Baby Massage & Baby Oil

We all know how moisturizing and soothing our original USDA Certified Organic Massage & Baby Oil is, but did you know that there are hundreds of other possible uses for it?  Below are a few of the really creative ones that we love.

1.  If you put a few drops in your ears, you can Remove Wax-Build Up without prodding your ear canal.

2.  Warm it up if you’ve got really waxy, plugged up ears.

3.  Put a little on a cotton ball to help Remove Eye Make-up.

4.  Put some in your Bath to soften yours or your babies skin . Mixing it with a touch of your favorite bubble bath will create a lovely bathwash.

5.  Use after Shaving Your Legs to soften your skin and prevent razor burn.

6.  Use on your babies scalp to treat and prevent Cradle Cap.  Rub the affected area with a little baby oil, and lightly combing it through your baby’s hair. Then thoroughly wash the hair at bath time to remove all of the oil. Repeat the process in persistent cases.

7.  Use on Cracked or Dry Heels and put socks on overnight to hold in the moisture.

8.  Smooth on a pregnant tummy to reduce the chances of Stretch Marks.  During pregnancy you body will go thorough many changes and need some readjustments. Don’t let stretch marks be one of these changes. Stop stretch marks from occurring by rubbing baby oil on your expanding stomach, which softens the skin and makes it more elastic to stretch leaving it more prone to go back in shape.

9.  Use in Homemade Baby Wipes (2 tbsps of baby oil, 2tbsps of baby lotion, 1 tbsp of bathwash and 3/4 cup of hot water poured over Bounty paper towels and put in a sealed container).

10.  Massage a little on your cuticles before your Manicure or Pedicure.  Massage a little baby oil on your cuticles, before removing or pushing down with an orange stick and your job will be much easier.

11.  Great lubricant for Noisy Door Hinges!

12.  Gets rid of Temporary Tattoos in a snap.  (One of my personal favorites!)

13.  Remove Latex Paint from skin: Pour a generous amount of baby oil on a cotton ball and scrub.

14.  Peel Off Bandages: Avoid any extra pain after covering your ouchy by rubbing baby oil over and around the sticky parts of an adhesive bandage before pulling it off.  It’s also great for removing that little bit of BAND-AID glue that can linger so attractively on children’s skin for days.

15.  Slip off a Stuck Ring: Massage oil onto your finger and rotate the ring until you can slide it off.

16.  Shave with baby oil instead of shave gel. It helps soften dry skin, and keeps skin moisturized longer than lotion.

17.  Keep Yourself Warm When the Weather’s Cold. Massage your skin with baby oil before you get dressed, and it will help you stay warmer during the cold weather months. The oil closes your skin pores and helps insulate your body. It will also smooth and moisturize dry skin!

18.  Should a Zipper become stuck, use a cotton ball or Q-tip to help the zipper slide up and down more easily.

19.  If a Price Sticker doesn’t peel off as easily as it should, dab a little oil on said offending sticker, let soak into the sticker then wipe clean with a soft cloth.

20.  Use Baby Oil to Remove Bubble Gum. Kids love to chew bubble gum, but it’s difficult to remove the sticky goo from their faces and fingers. The next time you need a gum remover, reach for the bottle of baby oil. Pour a small amount on a tissue or paper towel. Rub it directly on the goo and it will come right off!

21.  Add a few drops of tea tree oil to a little baby oil and run it through your kids’ hair before school each day to ward away those Dreaded Nits and Head Lice.

22.  If you’re Waxing brows, legs or other parts of your body, use a little baby oil first to remove any lingering wax and then to soothe your startled skin.

23.  Keep your Document Shredder running smoothly with an occasional oiling. Put a couple of pieces of paper in a baking sheet and squirt on some baby oil. Once the paper has absorbed the oil, run it through the shredder.

24.  And last but least, you can even Polish Your Golf Clubs!  Depending on which golf fan you listen to, you can protect and shine up clubs with gun oil, WD-40, special golf-club polishes, petroleum jelly, a silicone gun cloth or, yes, baby oil.

Do you have any other suggestions for Baby Oil use?  Leave your comments below.

♥ ~ The Nature’s Baby Organics Family

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