Tear Free - Did You Know?

Did you know that natural products cannot truly be considered "tear free"?
The phrase "Tear Free" was created by the Cosmetic Industry.  It is rumored to be a chemical that actually numbs / anesthetizes the eyes.  You still will see many "Natural" Companies making the claim that their products are "Tear Free" mainly for marketing purposes. At Nature's Baby, we are committed to Truth in Labeling and thus we will not mislead the consumer.
The proper way to make a product that is considered gentle for babies and kids eyes is to pH balance products so that they will match the pH level of a child's eyes. This is the only way that we know of making a product as gentle as possible.

Keeping in mind that even water in a child's eyes will cause them to rub, we always ask our customers to use caution to avoid getting our product, or any product, near the eyes of a child.
And now you are in the know!

(Original Posting March 2008)

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